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Subscribe to help regenerate UK wetlands today. Your subscription will contribute to the conservation and regeneration of our precious wildlife-rich UK wetland ecosystems. Choosing the Wetland Regeneration Subscription will have a big impact towards reversing the current nature crisis and protecting carbon rich habitat.

By choosing a wetland regeneration subscription:

✔️ You'll be healing the planet
✔️ You are protecting increasingly threatened habitat for the plants and animals who live there
✔️ It'll benefit future generations
✔️ You'll be helping our ecosystems store more carbon away for years

Wetlands are being destroyed or degraded at an alarming rate, almost three times faster than forests (The State of Global Wetlands Report) Wetland ecosystems play an essential role in sustaining our biodiversity, maintaining ecosystem resilience, and reversing climate change.


Healthy wetlands can store very large amounts of carbon and thus help in the battle against climate change. Wetlands are currently under threat due to draining, pollution from pesticides, intensive agriculture, waste dumping and large toxic spills. The significance of wetland biodiversity was stressed recently in the Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). The report identified wetlands as the most threatened ecosystem, impacting 40% of the world’s plant and animal species that live or breed in wetlands. 

Wetlands are highly effective at storing carbon when in a healthy state but can be sources of carbon dioxide and methane when degraded. Healthy peatlands alone can absorb twice as much carbon as forests. Our wetlands have accumulated and stored carbon for thousands of years. They also work as water purification sources, help reduce the risk of serious flooding, and play a key role in the supply of clean and plentiful water.

Healthy UK wetlands are important habitats for many plant and animal species, often being wildlife-rich islands in otherwise hostile environments for our biodiversity. In the UK, important wetland areas include wet woodland, peatland, salt-marshes, swamps, flushes, marshy grasslands, and ponds.


Project details:

Have a positive impact towards reversing the nature crisis and climate change.
Choose a Wetland Regeneration subscription to have a long-term impact.
All projects are aligned with the United Nations SDGs and are managed by our professional ecological team.

The Future Forest Company manages many sites which currently have degraded wetlands. We wish to change this as fast as possible with your help, by conserving the best places, regenerating other areas, and even creating new wetlands. This includes peatlands, marshes, flushes and ponds. We have just started to manage several sites, which need some TLC to return to their best. To help do this, we have our own in-house Peatland and Ecologist specialists who manage these areas and who are now embarking on site surveys to ensure we do things right.

We wish to see our marshy grassland once again have thriving wildflowers, like Wild Angelica, Cuckooflower and Water mint, and provide safe havens for our wetland insects, birds and mammals, like dragonflies, snipe and otter. We wish to see our Flushes continue to be lifelines for uncommon plants like the distinctive Black bog-rush and Hairy stonecrop, and important places for young birds to find food. We wish to see new ponds that become wildlife-rich havens that buzz with bees and butterflies. We wish to see our peatlands once again become wet and rich in cranberries, mosses and animal life.

What you'll receive:

You'll get a quarterly newsletter where our experts will update you on our wetland conservation, restoration and biodiversity projects, and invitations to join them on sites to see how you are making a difference.